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Mobile Assets

 Android Assets

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes and display resolutions. This means providing uniform assets across devices is tedious and somewhat complicated.

 DP (Density Pixel)

Google created a special type of unit, dp (density pixel), to make dealing with assets easier.

 How is that easier?

This unit generalizes all various display densities into a single display. What does that mean? It means a 100 dp x 100 dp will display the exact same on any device regardless of the device’s properties. So a 100 ppi device, 200 ppi device, 300 ppi device and 400 ppi device will also display the asset as the same size and same quality.

 How does this magically happen?

It doesn’t

Assets must be created in a very special way to let Android do it’s thing. A designer needs to provide different assets for each generalized density type. What are these generalized density types and why...

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MEAN, Bower and Typeahead.js

Lacking time to write a full fledged post, I’ll only mention the quick tidbit I want to keep track of. Others might also find value in it:

Using the yo generator, angular-fullstack, I wanted to add Twitter’s Typeahead.js package via bower.

If all of this is greek to you, don’t worry, start with angular-fullstack and read through that page. You’ll quickly have a nice bootstrapped SPA running…

Back to what I was getting to. Typeahead.js breaks the Gruntfile script because of the “.js”.

Hashing dist/public/bower_components/typeahead.js...Reading dist/public/bower_components/typeahead.js...ERROR
Warning: Unable to read "dist/public/bower_components/typeahead.js" file (Error code: EISDIR). Use --force to continue.

Annoying and it’s more of an issue with the Gruntfile but an easy fix is to install Typeahead.js by providing a different name.

bower uninstall typeahead.js
bower install

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Moving to Svbtle plaform

Just now.

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