Publishing a NuGet JS library  

First, this is a condensed version of a well written post that can be found here. I’m posting this as reference for myself and for those of you who just want the nuts and bolts.

I was recently working on an incomplete project that leveraged CKEditor for a WYSIWYG editor. The original developer had pulled in CKEditor via NuGet but was using the Auto Grow plugin and had manually added it. This is fine for development but murders the concept of dependency management. So, I found this post and quickly published an Auto Grow NuGet package.

  1. Download and install the NuGet Package Editor
  2. Open it up, click on “Create a NuGet Package” and fill our the left hand side (click the little edit icon to edit)
  3. Add the files in the directory structure you want them output (using the project root as the base directory)

Note: Step 3 is somewhat tricky
Make sure you first right click and add a “Content” folder and then add your files into that. In my use case, my directory structure was as follows:


As you might assume, this falls into the project as:


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